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Feb 2, 2018

If anyone has these dogs they will get AU $1500 no questions asked. I need this post shared around so that they see it! If they tell me your post was how they found me you get AU $500.
First of all I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped get the word out, gave advice on who to contact and of course helped me look for the dogs, especially my mother Leigh Bland who has flown all the way down from Darwin to help me find them.
However... after over 12 days, 8800 shares on my original post alone, over 200 flyers put in mailboxes and hung around roads, endless hours of driving around searching for the dogs in forestry and vets and pounds, emptying my wardrobe in attempts to leave my scent around the property and Forrest for my dogs to find, numerous post put on websites like gumtree and pet finders, there has still been not 1 legitimate sighting of my two beloved pets who ran away from a storm in a very small community of very kind, helpful people.
I have two ideas of what could have happened.
1: They have been picked up by someone driving through and have been taken to a vet or pound that I don't know about and because they are not microchipped they would only have 8 days to be found. I have always microchipped my dogs, however these two lived on the lawn of a big property without a fence and NEVER strayed from the lawn so I never saw this coming. They are vaccinated and well looked after, I truely regret not microchipping them and if I could I would turn back the hands of time.
2: They are still wandering around the area - most likely in the Forrest, this is very stressful because there are wild dogs, deer, pigs, kangaroo and snakes that could hurt them... however my biggest concern is that people may start fox baiting the area late this month!!!
Either way I really need to keep spreading the word and EVERY SHARE COUNTS
These aren't just dogs, I moved to nsw by myself and they are like family to me, please please please keep sharing around.
- if anyone sees this post and thinks they could sell the dogs I just thought I'd add they aren't pedigree bred or anything like that, I got them both for free. They are just my beloved pets and I want them home... really really want them home
— with Maggie Groves and Maggie Groves.
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Woomargama NSW Australia
Lost Dog
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