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Dec 29, 2021

Hi, my name is Candice Ryan (Candee for short) and my husband Zak and I need help. I am currently finishing up my degree to teach high school chemistry and was offered an amazing position in Florida. Because of this offer my husband Zak and I started on our journey to FL in late November of last year but had to return to NY to finish up the move and finalize some business. Our plan was to be fully moved and settled in no later than the start of spring break, but life had other plans for us. During that time my breast cancer took a turn for the worst, and I became very sick. For a while there my husband said he wasn't sure if I would make it to the other side. It took me some time to get my treatments and to recover, but I've come a long way. Especially considering that this all kicked off with me in a coma and here I am today typing this, so yes a VERY long way!. Anyway, my service dog went missing from my grandmothers condo in Delray Beach during that first trip (in December of 2020) and we ended up staying an extra month trying to find her and would've stayed if not for the circumstances. Since it had been so long since she was taken I thought for sure we would never see our Remi Mamas (aka My Best Girl!) ever again. Then Christmas came....I was just clicking around online and somehow stumbled across her picture as an adoptable dog in a town HOURS from where she went missing! I made the mistake of not having her microchipped when she was in my care and will not make that same mistake again. We called the shelter and told them everything that happened and found out that the person who stole her ended up bringing her there in January of 2021. They told us they all want to see her come home especially considering how long she's been there and we let them know that we will be back in Florida in no more than 3 weeks but also most likely no less than 2. We were then told that they are full for dogs and will not be able to hold onto her for us any longer than Jan 2nd. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to get down there this quickly nor do I have any friends or family members in the area that can pick her up and hold onto her for us for just a couple of weeks. She is at Palm Beach County Animal Control and a friend of mine told me to post my story here, that maybe someone somewhere could help me....if there was a way to get her home to me ASAP, I would jump on it in a's been over a year since I've seen my baby that is soon to be 6 years old and that we have had since she was a puppy....PLEASE! Is there anyone that could help us or know of someone that could? I just can't believe that God would do all of this just for them to end up adopting her out to someone else especially given the fact that she is my service dog...not just an ESA-she was trained to help with my epilepsy. If you or someone you know could possibly help us or know someone else that could...ANYHING please do not hesitate to let me know!!! I realize it's only 4 days away, but I have to try, I can't loose her all over again, finding her was like she had come back from the dead....Please anyone....and God Bless you all and Thank you all so much for your time in reading our story!

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Palm Beach, FL, USA
Lost Dog
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