Jaxson and Precious

Lost Dog - 461 Lone Pine Lane, Saint Clair, MO, USA

Dog Name:
Jaxson and Precious
Dog Breed:
German Shepherd Dog
Dog Color:
Dog Gender:
Date Lost:
Aug 18, 2021
Date Posted:
Sep 27, 2021

These dogs took off into our woods when they got loose. However, they have always came home so we know someone has to have taken them. We won’t ask questions we are offering a reward. We are just wanting them back. Please if you have seen anything or heard anything or have them please get them back to us. They are my three year old sons best friends. This has completely destroyed him.

Name: Jaxson
Species: Dog
Breed: Shepard, Husky, Lab Mix
Age: 3.5 years old
Gender: Male
Date Found or Lost: (Lost)8/18/21
Location Found or lost : Saint Clair Missouri
Weight: Not 100% Sure
Color: Black, Light Brown, White and graying
Fixed or Unfixed: Fixed
Chipped or Not Chipped: Chipped not sure if he’s under my name or my ex husbands or if my ex husband ever got it changed to our new address and numbers. It will be either under a Maggie or a James.

Name: Precious
Species: Dog
Breed: Shepard Mix of some kind
Age: almost 8 months
Gender: female
Date Found or Lost: (Lost 8/18/21
Location Found or lost: Saint Clair Missouri
Weight: unknown
Color: Dark Brown, Blackish Mussel, Darker Brown Back than the rest of her.
Fixed or Not Fixed: Wasn’t Fixed Was Scheduled to be buy went missing before we could get her done.
Chipped or Not Chipped: Not same as fixed was scheduled to be

Both are up to date with shots, both are extremely friendly, but both have big barks and find it funny to scare people with them. Both are jumpers and lovers. Both are my 3 year old son’s best friend and losing them has completely crushed him. He now no longer wants animals and wants to move from where we live so he doesn’t have to see anymore animals but the wild life. He says he doesn’t want anymore heartbreak his little heart can’t handle it. He said he lost his best friends, his brother, sister and partners in crime. He says he especially lost his feeling of safety and knowing someone prolly has them and is just keeping them he said he lost his faith that people have any good in them that they would keep his best friends from him. He’s been beyond devastated the past two weeks every time he gets in the car he rolls down the windows and yells out for them. Every time he hears a noise at night he’s begging to go see if it’s them. Every time a dog barks he begs for it to be them. Every time he sees a puppy he worries if it’s going to get taken. At home if he sees a strange vehicle he doesn’t know he’s telling us we have to watch the vehicle and make sure they aren’t taking someone else’s babies because he doesn’t want anyone else to feel the hurt he’s feeling.

461 Lone Pine Lane, Saint Clair, MO, USA
Lost Dog
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