Rene ferguson

Lost Dog - Reno, NV, USA

Dog Name:
Rene ferguson
Dog Breed:
Border Collie
Dog Color:
Dog Gender:
Date Lost:
Mar 14, 2020
Date Posted:
Jun 15, 2020

Piccudda a was being watched/taken care of while I was in hospital for 4 months, I was by then in an outpatient facility, near our apt., the Regina Marie...theyd they'd bring Piccudda to see me once a week, as I was near our apt. I last saw Piccudda on the first week of March, and she was acting funny...they told me, Janelle Robles and girlfriend, Vanessa, that they were drugging her to "chill her out", I made arrangements for 3/13/20 for them to bring her back, I ended up in hospital, when I was able, I called on the 15th, and she said they gave my Piccudda away and they would not, and STILL WONT tell me where she is at, they want money, of which I've n one!! Please help if you've seen her in one of the dog parks, or if you know of where my doggie is at...i know she's am I...its been over two months of begging Janelle Robles to tell me and she won't!!!

Reno, NV, USA
Lost Dog
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