Jade FOUND !

Lost Dog - State Highway 722, Fallon, Nevada, USA

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Jade FOUND !
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Jun 10, 2020

Jade has been FOUND ! Jun 10, 2020

*06/07 please keep sharing. Jade is still missing. $500 reward for her return.*
*06/02 I have been given confirmation that the dog in Idaho isn’t her. I still strongly believe she was picked up. I KNOW that she was healthy enough to make it home especially since they were only 5-6 miles from the house. There is a $500 REWARD being offered for her return* Please please bring Jade home. Please keep sharing.
*06/01 still missing, heading to Idaho on the one lead that I have. Please pray and wish me luck*
*05/31 Still missing*
*Update 05/29 Jade still isn’t home There is no activity in either spots where I left some clothing. I was out all morning again looking. We have looked in all the areas that have water as well as beyond. She just seems to be nowhere around. There are no birds circling around like anything is dead. I did get word of a possible sighting of her in Idaho. I know this is a very slim chance, but I have read many stories of dogs gone missing and have ended up a long long way from home. So please please keep getting the word around. You all are amazing and I appreciate all of your help so much!
She is microchipped with 24petwatch and I have called the company to alert them that she is missing. If you find her you can call them and they will help get her home. Thank you all again!

*Please keep sharing. She isn’t home. I am really scared someone picked her up. So please kee your eyes and ears open of all the shelters and of anyone saying that got an older blue heeler in Nevada. I just want her home please please*

*Update to say she is still missing.*
This is kind of a long shot posting this, but Jade is missing. She is somewhere between our house and Nevada Highway 722. She felt like being a cow dog today (I guess this needs clarification: meaning she doesn’t go every day like the rest of the dogs) and just didn’t keep up with Chase and his crew. My heart is broken so any sign of possibly spotting her is greatly appreciated. Chase last seen her about 9:30 in the morning on May 26th.

*She truly wasn’t far from our house or really any of our neighbors, so it’s very odd she is still missing. Where she last was, she could see the house in full sight, there is water in the next pasture over, where she could have got a drink and cooled off then head back home. She is smart and she has worked cattle in the meadows before. Any suggestions would be much appreciated* thank you all who have shared and are looking.


State Highway 722, Fallon, Nevada, USA
Lost Dog
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