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Golden Retriever
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May 13, 2020

Here is a long shot but here goes. Sorry its a long read but its a long story and I need to include as much information as possible.

Am looking for the whereabouts of my dog who was rehomed into a new family last year.

My dog is called marley and he is a male golden lab and he will be about 6 years old in human years now.

I've had marley since he was a puppy and like many of us we grew a bond of a man's best friend and I had to make a decision to rehome in due to my employment changes and marleys quailty of life.

I put my full trust into a family with a full unit mum dad and 4 children who all come over to meet marley at my house and it seemed it couldn't of been a better family for marley to live with.

After several conversations and reassuring talks from the family to myself saying don't worry we will keep in touch and send you pictures and you can even visit only lasted about 3 weeks from when he went to live with this family.

I also made it very clear in words and in writing if things don't work out for marley please please please bring him straight back.

Anyway long story cut short is....

They cut me off ... they ignored me for months and months .... they would hang up the phone when I rang... they basically took marley and lied to me.

A year on and I still feel I have a purpose to search for my dog that belongs with me.

I have no idea if he is ok or even alive

I eventually got one message back last year and it just said

" we have sold him"

And that was the last time I heard anything but the phone number is still active that I had for them to keep in touch with marley but like I said they won't answer to me or anything which I really don't understand because all I want to know is were is my dog marley and is he OK. Thats it then I can rest.

Unfortunately i trusted the wrong family to take my dog and before I could say can you send me your address so I can visit has promised they cut me off so yeah am stupid for not getting there adddess sooner but I trusted them and wanted marley to settle in for the first month at least but to late and now all I know is

The woman is called Caroline
And he went to the Preston flyde Blackpool area they mentioned they wasn't to far from St Anne's beach

Its a long shot I know that myself but here are some photos of marley and if people could share them to and around Lancashire/ Preston/ Blackpool to start with and i will just have hope

Blackpool, UK
Lost Dog
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