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Mar 11, 2020

Our precious baby girl MARILYNN (Oh my GOD it's a girl named...) TODD "MOO MOO" LANE...
Yes that truly is her real name...
She answers to "MOO MOO"
and "Oh myyyy God it's a girl named Toooodd"
Yes the emphasis is emperative...
Please and thank you DO not try to run her down bc she will think either it's a game or be scared and run away and if she is frightened could put her in danger.
The most effective way is to sit down or kneel and have a friendly upbeat tone.
Snacklishes always
The chasing of her to innocently help by someone who wasnt aware of her habits and quirks is the unfortunate circumstances that has led to her disappearance.
She went MIA in MERRIAM WOODS, MO OFF OF SOUTH GATE and she was headed NE according to witnesses.
If you have ANY information reguarding her whereabouts and safety PLEASEEEEE call/text 417-365-4342, Messenger us,contact local authorities...
At this point after searching high and low day night and the pouring rain we would take string and a couple tin cans type method
She is overwhelmingly missed by MANY... including our beautiful precious Granddaughters who, as well as us, are clearly devastated!!! Thank you for your time and help!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!!

Merriam Woods, MO, USA
Lost Dog
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