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Feb 12, 2020

!!! Please share !!!! So I've decided to make another post about judo.. seen as no one will listen to me.. judo is my dog.. I was going threw a tough time with domestic vilounce..I left my vilount relationship with my ex partner and I had no wear for judo to stay I broke my ankle trying to find judo somwear and I couldn't so I had no choice but to hand judo into vets I did this twice as I just wanted judo to be safe to get fed to be warm the vets then handed judo over to dog warden wich then handed judo to carlton forrest dog kennels at worksop they then rang me to tell me that they was putting judo down because he had bit a staff member there wich obviously they was lieng because if judo would have bit them they couldnt re home judo wich they have done without my permission..they also made me believe for 5 month my dog was dead..I'm currently going threw q court case with my ex and I have a stable home for judo to come back to please I need everyone help to try and find judo to have him home with me every day my mental health is deteriating without my boy please help me find my boy IM NOT GIVING UP ON JUDO THATS WHAT PEOOLE WANT ANS ITS NOT HAPPENING the kennels have also been ringing me up pretending to be somone else and also been verry insultive to me when I've rang up telling me I won't get my dog back with me everyone deserves a chance to get things right and that all I want to do and need to do it's breaking my heart everyday judo is not with me I WILL FIGHT EVERY BATTLE FOR MY BOY also if people can coukd you share into all lost dog groups please I need as much help as I can get it will be much appreciated thank you... I will also be going to papers about this if he isn't home I'm not messing about anymore my love for my dog is unconditional you tried to stop me last time but I'm back on ball again.. and this time I'm back stronger than before I will not stop posting untill my dog is home with me so do the right thing and fetch him back.. I love my boy too much to give up.. imagen being in my shoes - please if you have judo please fetch him back to me I'll pay any amount of money he misses his mum dogs don't forget there owners - Pleas if you are the him who has judo just say Sammy and watch how he reacts it's not what you want or me it's what he wants

Wath upon Dearne, UK
Lost Dog
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