Lost Dog - Vikhroli Park Site, Parksite Colony, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Jan 8, 2020
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Jan 24, 2020

Update - Still looking. Tho Pls read


On *8th January, 2020* a *Pom-Indie Mix* dog named *Jimmy* had stepped out of his house to do his business. However, he was picked up from his locality, i.e *CBD Belapur* by someone.

Volunteer named Khushboo was going toward Ghatkopar on *19th January, 2020* and accidentally noticed a dog that looked different due to his dwarfism and features like his ears.

She clearly remembered and noticed that dog at the spot while going towards Ghatkopar.

On *20th January, 2020* she received a broadcast about a dog named Jimmy was had gone missing. On noticing the pictures, she remembered the dog she spotted at *Vikroli* who looked exactly the same as Jimmy.

Khushboo got in touch with the owner, Vaibhav describing the dog she had seen.

On 22nd January, 2020 Khushboo along with Vaibhav searched for Jimmy at Vikroli where he was spotted the other day.

For two hours, the two searched for him in every lane of the slum where he was last seen.

On questioning over 50 people, it was concluded that many people had seen the *SAME* dog and also described him exactly how Jimmy was described by the owner. (Which included his height, color and collar)

Almost all the people who admitted noticing the dog had one thing in common : They all saw the dog being chased by other dogs and always running away cluelessly. He was clearly terrified.

As per the owners assumption, Jimmy was picked by someone at CBD and when Jimmy started crying non-stop for his real family, the kidnapper left him on the road which happened to be Vikroli.

Unfortunately, Khushboo and Vaibhav couldn’t finally spot Jimmy despite people mentioning that he was around.

Jimmy is an *8 year old male dog* he has no idea where he is and is always running away to find a safe place. He is a dwarf baby. With long vertical ears.

He also has a collar on his neck (reddish-orange collar).

*He responds to his name, Jimmy*

It is a request to volunteers to look for Jimmy and contact Vaibhav on *9664840354 or 9819480223*

Please help Jimmy reunite with his family. The poor baby must be super scared.

Location : *Vikroli Park Site, Vikroli West*

Last seen by Khushboo on 19th January, 2020 near *Kofuku Japanese Restaurant* Kailash Industrial Complex, *Vikroli West*.

Pictures of Jimmy and his previous post is also being shared with this one.

Anyone who knows people in Vikroli PLEASE HELP.

Thank you.


Vikhroli Park Site, Parksite Colony, Vikhroli West, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Lost Dog
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