Lost Dog - Lebanon, MO, USA

Dog Name:
Dog Breed:
Labrador Retriever
Dog Color:
Dog Gender:
Date Lost:
Jan 19, 2020
Date Posted:
Jan 20, 2020

He didnt have a collar or anything on, not nutured or chipped. About knee high or a lil above knee. 45lbs.-50lbs. Hes got orangy looking specks threw out his body mainly on his ears and legs. Just turned a year this month. Barks alot sometimes growls but wont bite. Brown eyes. Name is Chico came up missing yesterday on 1/19/20 not sure what time he came up missing probably around 2-3 pm is when i noticed he got out of my sight. He was supposed to be tied up but hes a really hyper dog and ran passed me straight out the door. Last seen on 20197 Ostrich Lane Lebanon Mo. 65536 my name is Presha Byrd contact me if found at 4172174355 or 5732861425 thank yo uh

Lebanon, MO, USA
Lost Dog
Medium 20191230 200418
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