Kc Roo

Lost Dog - Farmers Branch, TX, USA

Dog Name:
Kc Roo
Dog Breed:
Australian Cattle Dog
Dog Color:
Dog Gender:
Date Lost:
Jun 1, 2019
Date Posted:
Dec 11, 2019

roo was entrusted to a friend while I was on the street and getting my life back together. Didnt want her starving or in the elements. Unfortunately this friend refused to let me know where she is and after months of begging bawlingnmy eyes out. And pleading she said she doesnt have her. And doesnt know where she is. Will not give me a direction to start so this is my final attempt to get my baby back. Roo was entrusted to Megan loveday of farmers branch through a mutual agreement. Megan has broken the agreement that roo be returned to me when asked. Roo is also my Service dog for my ptsd she has always been intuitive and an empath. She will have both paws on my shoulder huggung me before I even start to cry. She was my shadow and there wherever I was. ive had difficulty with my ptsd as my stress and anxiety levels are growing with the time passing. If you think you might have her a way to tell is If you ask roo where the squirrel is she will Run to the nearest tree jump and bite the bark. Quirky but nothing ive seen another dog do. Or you'll catch her contorted half standing up and half on the ground trying to bite her back legs...shes an odd ball but we are a pair.. Please help me bring her home

Farmers Branch, TX, USA
Lost Dog
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