Lost Dog - Sansom Park, TX, USA

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Oct 28, 2019
Date Posted:
Nov 6, 2019

$500 reward Please, please help me find

Schmoogie and her daughter Shani were accidentally let out by my neighbor in Sansom Park. I’m recovering from surgery out of town and my neighbor was tending to my dogs. They got out and no one can find them. Please help they are my babies. The are Rottweiler mix and super friendly. Schmoogie is older - 8 and Shani is 2.5. They’ve been gone for a few days and I’m just finding out. Schmoogie doesn’t have a good sense of direction and won’t be able to find her way home. Shani won’t leave her mom. PLEASE HELP! It’s so cold outside. I’m heartbroken!!!!! My number is 817-705-6489.

Description: Schmoogie is a Rottweiler mix, 8 years old, very sweet, white tip of tail, feet, around her face, and on her chest, a little brown on her legs and mostly black. She does not have a good sense of direction and will not be able to find her way home. Her daughter is with her and won’t leave her. Her daughter is a Rottweiler mix with brown feet, white on her chest. They are probably scared to death. Please help it’s so cold outside. I’m out of town recovering from surgery.

Sansom Park, TX, USA
Lost Dog
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