Lost Dog - Rittman Ohio

Facebook Boost Post (a Facebook chargeable service) is normally used by businesses to promote goods & services, but it can also be used to reach LOCAL DOG LOVERS near to where your dog has been lost or a dog has been found.

So, if you can afford US $10, we will spend 100% of that payment on Facebook Boost Post to help reach approximately 1,000 LOCAL DOG LOVERS who are most likely to be able to be on the lookout for your lost dog LOCALLY and share on social media.

The reason why we spend 100% of your payment on Facebook, without any margin for ourselves, is that you get the benefit of reaching LOCAL DOG LOVERS while we get the benefit of more on-line exposure for our website & social media accounts which in turn helps us to be able to help more dogs to get re-united with their owners.

We normally set Facebook Boost Post up on a 25-mile radius (smaller/larger available) of where your dog was lost with a run-time of 3-days - which can be optionally extended with additional payment.


IMPORTANT: Facebook Boost Post DOES NOT accept images with text - so where your image contains text - we will just post basic text details without any image ! Please also be aware this is a non-automated service, also requiring Facebook to manually approve each post which can take a little while and even longer in these difficult times, so it might be quite a few hours before your Facebook Boost Post goes live but we will do our best to see this gets actioned as quickly as possible ourside.