Found Dog - Middlesbrough, UK

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American Pit Bull Terrier
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Date Found:
May 2, 2020
Date Posted:
May 3, 2020


Please sign, for Harry and all dogs like him. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/300561

What springs to mind when you hear that a Pit Bull type dog has been given a destruction order under the Dangerous Dogs Act? The majority of the public will envision a snarling, angry, aggressive looking dog, as portrayed by the media!

This is the reality, this is Harry, ordered by two courts to be destroyed, we are still fighting for his life. This is the most recent photo we have of Harry, taken at the independent behaviour assessment we arranged for him, he is in the arms of a lady he has never met before.

Harry has now had three independent assessments, arranged by us, in order to save his life. Each time Harry has been initially excitable, boisterous and a little over wrought, each time after an initial burning off of energy, Harry has been such a good dog. He settles into walking on a lead, loves human interaction, allows himself to be touched all over, have his food taken off him etc.

The police assessor condemned Harry because he ragged on a lead when initially released into the assessment enclosure, then, after sniffing a stuffed toy dog, he knocked it over and bit it. This apparently makes him too dangerous to be released, the courts side with the police and order him to die!

Harry has been locked in police approved kennels for 2 1/2 years, he was only 18 months old when he was found straying and classed as a Pit Bull type. Harry is under exercised, under stimulated, lacks socialisation and human interaction due to being locked up for so long. Is it any surprise that he is super excited when he gets to an open space for assessment! Despite all this he calms down, loves people and is a good boy.

Harry has been let down by people and the system, killing Harry will not keep the public safe. We will NOT give up on Harry, we are still fighting for him, backed by your wonderful donations. We will do everything in our power to save Harry.


Middlesbrough, UK
Found Dog
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