Found Dog - Whitwood, Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK

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Feb 11, 2020
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Feb 12, 2020

This big softie was found yesterday morning wandering the streets of Whitwood, Castleford, W Yorks WF10.

Numerous attempts have been made on social media/dog shelters etc to try and locate his owners without joy. We’re beginning to think he’s been abandoned

Things I know:
He’s oldish (I’d say between 7-9)
He’s entire
He’s not microchipped
He’s BIG (I reckon about 35kg)
He was filthy (took 3 baths to clean him)
His nails are very short/worn
He’s riddled with worms
He wouldn’t get in a car
He doesn’t know what a flight of stairs are!
He responds well to basic commands, such as here, no!, sit, down, but not stay or paw and the such
He’s very friendly and rolls over onto his back at the slightest stroke
He didn’t like the bath (and doesn’t like the paddling pool outside or water) but was very good in letting us bath him
He’s not used to a lead (but is okay)
He cowers if you shout

My thoughts are:
He’s been used as a yard dog or lived with travellers (as he’s not familiar with a house)
Could be possible that he’s been stolen years ago and used as above, which is why he has basic commands and is friendly?

But with him not being done and my 10 month old girl not being done yet (waiting for her to mature more first) it’s not an ideal situation for me to have him here for too long.

I’d love to have him but he is just too big for my house or my time committments at the moment The dog warden is coming today to see him, but I really don’t want him to go there as he’s such a lovely dog, he deserves a lovely home too

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Whitwood, Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK
Found Dog
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