About Us

I am a UK senior/baby boomer and I am using some of my retirement time all for FREE helping spread the word on social media regarding found & lost dogs.

Given I don't have any foreign language skills, this site and my related social media accounts are limited to English speaking countries.

This site foundlostdogs.com was designed for myself by some clever guys in India at moorem.com and I am currently trying to save up sufficient money for them to design a new website with loads of new features and given this current site is now getting a bit tired.

Also the vast majority of found & lost dogs get added on my visitors page at facebook.com and I then have to manually capture those details, add them here at foundlostdogs.com and then re-add them back to facebook.com, twitter.com & google+, each dog taking me 10-minutes to post - and that's only providing I am given city & state where a dog has been found or lost.

If you are a US manufacturer/supplier of dog products and are looking for an additional channel to market your products, then I would be most pleased to hear from you if you might like sponsor this site.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

Ian Jones - Hythe, Southampton, UK