Hello -  My name is Ian Jones and as a UK senior/ baby boomer I decided I needed something to keep myself occupied for some of my time in old age, while at the same time helping others.

A few years ago I came across an estimation of lost dogs by The American Humane Association and I was shocked as to how many dogs go missing. This was the provocation for me to launch a website that maybe one day will become a go-to place for people across the globe to post about a lost or found dog.

This website reaches out to many countries, mainly USA & India at this time and a software feature ensures that site visitors only see lost & found dogs for their particular country.

When you enter the location where your dog was lost or a dog was found, in background Google Places generates a latitude & longitude value on my website. Having a latitude & longitude value for a dog location then makes it much easier for anybody to use the free radius search facility on my website.