I am a UK senior/baby boomer, spending my retirement (and money) to help spread the word on social media regarding found & lost dogs. I am helped by a brilliant team of guys in India at moorem.com who have done all the coding and social media integration for me.

Unlike many found & lost dogs websites which are localized -  FoundLostDogs.com is global - at least for English speaking countries at this time, with other languages in the pipeline. While this might at first seem strange - you need to bear in mind like us humans, dogs can also travel long distances, especially sadly in the hands of criminals and a dog stolen in say Los Angeles could easily end up in New York say.

So spreading the word is most important and even people in different countries can be of great help given there are few communication boundaries for social media.  

Social media certainly rules the world (especially with The US President using Twitter) and that's why the team at moorem.com have put a great deal of effort to integrating FoundLostDogs.com with its associated social media sites - such that a post made on FoundLostDogs.com almost instantly appears on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Needless say development, support and hosting of this site is costing me quite a bit  - so if you could see your way to making a small donation to help towards my costs this would be much appreciated.

In the meantime wishing you all the best for a successful outcome for owner and dog being re-united - and finally don't forget to post on as many relevant websites as possible to spread the word.

Ian Jones - Hythe, Southampton, UK