Its strange how things can develop in life.

Many years ago I founded with a colleague a successful computer distribution business - details at http://exertis.com/history.php - but when we came to sell the business, we were shocked by the amount of old stock we had in our warehouses.

Many years later and as the power of the Internet was evolving I came up with the idea of having a website developed where companies could list their oldstock / excess inventory.

I secured the domain name oldstock.com and then went about finding help in India, where programming costs would be a lot more affordable for my pocket. To cut a long story short, I teamed up with a great team of guys at moorem.com at Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Regrettably oldstock.com never got traction and flopped. Having invested in the development of that website I was faced with the decision to scrap it or turn it into something else. Have read somewhere that a huge number of dogs get lost in the US each year, I had a light bulb moment and FoundLostDogs.com was born.

In its original form it was pretty basic given it was a basic modification of the oldstock.com site but then in April 2018 it was relaunched as the site you see here today, after many weeks of completely new programming and graphics work by the team at Moorem.

Unlike many found & lost dogs websites which are localized -  FoundLostDogs.com is global - at least for English speaking countries at this time, with other languages planned for the future. While this might at first seem strange - you need to bear in mind like us humans, dogs can also travel long distances, especially sadly in the hands of criminals and a dog stolen in say Los Angeles could easily end up in New York say.

So spreading the word is most important and even people in different countries can be of great help given there are no communication boundaries for social media.  Also social media certainly rules the world (especially with The US President using Twitter) and that's why the team at Moorem.com have put a great deal of effort to integrating FoundLostDogs.com with its associated social media sites - such that a post made on FoundLostDogs.com almost instantly appears on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

The ambition now is to try to eventually make FoundLostDogs.com a leading website for found & lost dogs and for monetization to eventually come about through sponsorship and a planned multi-vendor online shop.

Anyway if you have found or lost a dog we do hope that listing on our website might help spread the word, leading to a successful outcome.

Ian Jones - top dog